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Georgetown University's National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health and the Health Information Group collaborate with university-based, state- and federally-funded projects to develop distance learning curricula for health professionals that are culturally and linguistically competent, family-centered, evidence-based, and consistent with the Bright Futures philosophy.

The Health Information Learning Lab (HILL) serves as a portal to curricula that:

  • Provide national leadership.
  • Develop environments that support health promotion.
  • Eliminate health barriers and disparities.
  • Improve health infrastructure and systems of care.
  • Ensure quality of care.
  • Improve practice through interdisciplinary, evidence-based training.

Health Information Learning Lab Partners

Health Info Group
MCH Library
Bright Futures at Georgetown University

With Funding From

Funding for specific curricula are listed in the "credits" section of each course. The list below is representational of the funding streams that made these projects possible:

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