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Alternative education methodologies provide effective and efficient means by which maternal and child health (MCH) professionals can enhance and advance their analytical, managerial, administrative and clinical skills while continuing to meet their daily on-site responsibilities.

The U.S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau's distance learning program supports the development, implementation, creative utilization, application and evaluation of distance learning (DL) opportunities for MCH professionals.

More information about this program can be found at the sites below. Descriptions and links to DL grantees are provided on this page.

Currently Funded Projects

DISCOVER MCH Leadership (Delta Interactive Solution to Collaborate Over Video for Education and Resources for Maternal Child Health Leadership). University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The Mississippi Delta Region is one of the most distressed areas of the nation. Healthcare providers fight to improve health disparities of its maternal, neonatal and pediatric residents. This project will improve evidence-based educational opportunities in maternal child health (MCH) for these rural healthcare providers using new and innovative technologies. Read the Project Abstract

MCH OLE! University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Department of Maternal and Child Health has received two competitive grant awards to establish a distance education certificate and degree program in maternal and child health leadership. The initiative, MCH OLE! (Maternal and Child Health Online Leadership Education), is led by Anita Farel, DrPH, clinical professor and associate chair in the department and principal investigator for the grant programs. Through MCH OLE!, the Department will develop and implement a flexible online training program that confers a 10-credit Certificate in maternal and child health leadership and/or a 42-credit master's degree in public health leadership and maternal and child health. It also will produce the core course for an online UNC Health Disparities Certificate, currently available only to residential students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Visit the Project | Read the Project Abstract

National Center for Suicide Prevention Training (NCSPT). NCSPT is a joint project of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Our mission is to provide educational resources to help public officials, service providers, and community-based coalitions develop effective suicide prevention programs and policies. In keeping with MCHB's priorities, the focus of the workshops is on youth suicide prevention. Much of the course content is applicable to suicide across the lifespan however. Visit the Project | Read the Project Abstract

Women's Integrated Systems for Health (WISH). University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Public and mental/behavioral health systems need to be better integrated to improve women’s health across the lifespan. WISH will train the public and mental health workforce on specific competencies needed to apply a public health, population-based approach to the design of women’s health policies, programs and service delivery systems. Read the Project Abstract

WISH is offering six new one-hour webinars promoting integrative community approaches to

  • Increase knowledge of the key chronic disease, substance abuse and mental health issues that impact women of reproductive age
  • Increase understanding of the systems issues and priorities involved in providing a continuum of care from prevention through disease management
  • Describe partnership opportunities in addressing chronic disease, mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Describe effective strategies to bridge the categorical structures of mental health, public health and primary care
  • Describe leadership opportunities for addressing these issues from a variety of approaches, including; policy, systems, and primary prevention

Read more about the program and register here.

MCHB also funds Georgetown University's Well-Child Care, Promoting Healthy Mental Development, Addressing Mental Health Concerns, and Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention curricula as part of its Distance Learning program.

Recently Funded Projects

Distance Learning as a Medium for Continuing Education of MCH Professionals in the US Virgin Islands. New York Medical College.

Distance Learning MPH Program to Prepare MCH Leaders. University of Minnesota. The Maternal and Child Health Program at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health is offering a distance learning Master of Public Health (MPH) to MCH professionals. Minnesota’s School of Public Health was among the first schools of public health to offer distance-learning opportunities and is considered a technological leader in graduate education distance learning.

Internet-Based Early Intervention Training. University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Obesity Challenge in Public Health: Integrating Best Practices into Culturally Competent, Family Centered, Community Solutions. University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Each module is designed to help participants look at obesity and overweight in children and adolescents through a public health focus on the family and community, not solely in individual behavioral terms. The speakers, case study, and model programs will provide professionals with insight into developing and evaluating strategies that are grounded in an understanding of the effects of culture, education, poverty, community, and other external factors. Each module is available with pre-approved professional Continuing Education credits for dietitians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and health education specialists. Certificates of completion are available for other professionals.

Pediatrics in Practice: A Center for Teaching and Learning Health Promotion. Dartmouth Medical School and Harvard Medical School. Pediatrics in Practice offers accredited online courses and in-person training in health promotion based on the Bright Futures philosophy.


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