Health Information Learning Lab

Mental Health and Early Childhood Development

:: Promoting Healthy Mental Development -- Coming Soon!
This course will train in (1) assessing and promoting social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral health; (2) identifying mental health concerns early; and (3) intervening early.
:: Addressing Mental Health Concerns -- Coming Soon!
This newly-funded curriculum will focus on addressing mental health concerns with strategies that can be applied in multiple settings, with special emphasis on minority populations and professionals.
Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention -- Coming Soon!
CPEI consists of six training modules and provider resources designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of early intervention service providers from the education, health care, therapeutic, and social service fields. The main purpose of CPEI is to meet the critical need for training in comprehensive, evidence-based early intervention practices.
ECMHC Mental Health Consultation Best Practices Tutorial Series. This series is designed to enhance skills and knowledge around how to implement effective mental health consultation in Head Start and Early Head Start (HS/EHS) programs.




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